Starbucks Coffee

Starbuck’s Coffee shops across America provide fun environments to drink, eat, work, study and socialize.  Starbucks’ website,, is very appealing.  Their website uses a good use of their signature colors, green and white.  Starbucks immediately draws in the attention of the viewers with using images of either new or seasonal coffee drinks and/or food.  


One suggestion I would make to the company is how much information they give on their front web page.  As you continue to scroll down past the main ad, they have pictures and information on how to order ahead, giftcards, anniversary collection items, and specialty foods.  It’s almost too much information on one page.  I think Starbucks should have all this advertisement at the top of the home page where the first picture is located, and in a slideshow with links and pictures for each.  Twitter is where Starbucks is most active as weblinks are easily provided.  Starbuck’s Facebook and Instagram don’t have exact links to their website.  However Starbucks Instagram posts just the same pictures as twitter at around the same time.  Overall I think Starbucks does very well advertising their products on social media.